So we bet your wondering "just how do I get this Alliance and what do I get for my money".
Of course the answer is "It depends". We are able to customize an offering that fits your needs. Whether it's one partner of the Alliance or all the capabilities of the Alliance, we can create the proper solution for your needs.
Here's a few examples of what we can offer.

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Let's say you’re an Event Management company and you need your guards to have the ability to monitor each other’s locations or to gather Intel like Photos, Video and Audio and have the ability to share that info among the team. Or you'd like Counter UAV detection and protection for your event. Our Situational Awareness solution can do all that.
Maybe you'd like your event monitored on Social Media so you can see if protest are organizing or negative things are being posted or there are true threats to the event. Our Surface Net Monitoring, Data Gathering and Analysis can provide that.
Or you may want the Dark Net monitored for your event to see what the real bad players out there are up to, our Dark Net Monitoring, Data Gathering and Analysis can provide that as well.
When you put the Surface and Dark Net pieces together working in conjunction you have something truly powerful. Something in the past that's only been available to government agencies.
We can also setup in your command post with our Common Operating Picture and offer these services live at the event working with other companies you have in place to secure your event.

Electronic Wires


Businesses today spend lots of money on Information Technology. These IT systems allow your business to operate and also act to secure your business.

Chances are today your business is running a Firewall and maybe anti-virus software in an effort to secure you from the bad guys.

All these things are needed and good steps to protect yourself. However none of these systems are proactively monitoring the Internet to see who might be trying to Attack/Hack or Harm you.

Our Surface Net and Dark Net Monitoring, Data Gathering and Analysis will allow you to be on the offensive; out looking to see who's trying to do you harm instead of waiting for them to attempt to break in.

Knowing who's trying to attack you and how is vital in mounting a proper defense.

When you combine our Surface Net and Dark Net abilities along with our database repository system to catalog events for later recall, you have a very powerful system to secure your company from today's cyber threats.  

 Finally, we offer highly experienced and seasoned human intelligence analysts experienced in just such types of threat modalities.



In today's world where all business is done on computers and data networks, when you are looking to acquire a business or sell your business how do you know if one of the businesses in the transaction has compromised? Is the companies data available on the Internet? Chances are you don't know and never will.
A 2015 Duke University study shows that 80% of business have been hacked or compromised. Entering into a transaction with a company that has been hacked or compromised is a risky proposition. With our Surface and Dark Net Services combined with our Database Repository we can search the Surface and Dark Net's to see if any sensitive data is available. Knowing if anything is available and what is available, will allow you to make the best informed decision possible.

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We all know that people don't like change. Often when a business is being bought out employees of that company get real nervous about their jobs.
Through our Situational Awareness Executive Protection solution, we can offer executives of the company being sold and/or the purchasing company executives protection though their Smart Phones.  Our app is discreet low profile and easy to use. The app can monitor your whereabouts and log this information (in real time) in case of an indecent. The app also provides a panic button that can call any phone number of your choosing. It could call 911 or it could call the head of security.
Knowing your whereabouts and having the ability to place an emergency call with the touch of a button is key in keeping people safe.