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Our Mission

The Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is a consortium of best in class Cyber Security specialists. COA was founded by former intelligence community executives, high-ranking and decorated military officers, senior law enforcement directors and the world’s best subject matter experts on Security operations. Combined into the Alliance, each company brings unique capabilities and operates as a COA team with a clear coordinated focus. The COA is in a unique position to bridge the gap between Fortune1000 companies, Security Operation Centers (SOC’s) and personal; physical security and cyber security needs.

Our Story

Committed to Excellence

Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) was founded in 2017. With our founder and CEO Dan Downing pulling together a unique group of people with very diverse backgrounds. With Dan's other company (Advantage Factory) products at the core of the idea, we set forth to figure out how we could do good in the world to help individuals, businesses and governments.
We decided a new approach to an age old problem was needed. We knew that with the proven Advantage Factory products at the core we could partner with best-in-class companies to offer a solution not seen in the private industry.
So we set out to build a consortium (or alliance) of companies to solve today's problems with today's technology. In doing so we have the ability to provide and end to end Secure Defense Fabric as well as Monitor, Data Mine and Analyze the Net of bot public and private data sources. We also have some of the world's best intelligence analysts who can help analyze the incoming data and make human decisions based on that Intel.
Add on our Situational Awareness/Counter UAV and our Common Operating Picture partners you have an unparalleled offering.

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